Who is Cyclon

Are you a fanatical cyclist or someone who wants only the best for your bike? Cyclon has a fantastic range of products to suit your every need!

All Cyclon products stem from a passion for cycling. We offer a complete line of cleaning, lubrication, protection and maintenance products designed specifically for high-end users. We make every effort to keep your bike smiling!

Why Cyclon

Top quality
We understand that only the very best will do when it comes to your bike. And that products need to be sustainable and user friendly.
Most complete product range
Cyclon is your one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your racing bike, mountain bike, e-bike or regular bike in good working order.
Innovative products
Innovations in the bicycle industry are following each other in quick succession. We tap into the latest trends to keep your bike in top condition.
Over 35 years of experience
The experience that our developers have gained in 35 years of bicycle maintenance is reflected in our products.

‘Keep Your Bike Smiling’